Enjoy and Experience the grandeur of Oval Era Hotel (Bangued, Abra)

Experience the province of Abra with sophistication and grandeur of the Oval Era Hotel. Witness magnificent views of the mountainous region with Abrenian hospitality on our hilltop mansion in Abra.

Cafe at Don Virgilio Valera Mansion (Abra)

Taste the local and fiery dishes in this modern cafe & bar of Don Virgilio Valera Mansion Hotel located inside the Oval Era Mall, Abra. Spend your time in this traditional and modern infused space of Don Virgilio Valera Mansion and witness the historical province of Abra in its new and modern approach of the Abrenian culture.

Movie Time at Oval Era Mall & Cinema (Abra)​

Blend in with the locals while you shop and experience the culture through their art, movies and products inside the tastefully designed Oval Era Mall and our state-of-the-art cinema with the latest in entertainment and pop culture.

Infinity Pool at The White Mansion (Tagaytay)

Bask in the serenity and posh boutique inspired interiors as you watch the sunset view of the Taal lake at The White Mansion, Tagaytay.

Get cozy at the Villa (Baguio)

Chill out and warm up as you spend your cozy Baguio getaway in this Villa situated in the pine forest of Baguio.